Samsung, the official sponsor of the Orange AFCON 2013 tournament, has initiated its fan engagement programme that will help fans feel the passion of the tournament. The fan zones are one of Samsung’s projects for its AFCON sponsorship programme. The Samsung fan zone is a place where different Samsung gadgets are displayed with exciting activities that soccer fans to enjoy.The Samsung Youth Reporters were given an opportunity to invite some learners from Katlehong High School to come and experience the fan zone. The learners explored all the exciting activities and learnt about Samsung’s latest technology devices. The activities they engaged in were; Face painting – where they had the South African flag painted on their faces as well as karaoke where they were expected to sing the Samsung Football anthem. They also took group pictures wearing South African fan gears; the promoters used this opportunity to teach the learners on how to use Samsung’s latest technology called All Share. The group activity was the most exciting; learners were expected to guess the names of the countries participating in the AFCON tournament by showing their flags and placing the country flags on the African map.


The fan zones are also an educative medium that allows supporters to learn more about innovative technology.  “The technology is out of this world, we enjoyed ourselves and got to learn more than what we expected”, commented Diketso who is one of the learners.


The learners also had an opportunity to meet Mr. YT. Cha, Senior Manager at Samsung Sports Marketing Group in Korea. This is what he had to say about Samsung’s sponsorship for the AFCON tournament; “Samsung’s sponsorship for the AFCON tournament aims at communicating with the soccer fans all around the continent through its fan engagement programme. Ensuring that fans share their passion for the tournament”



The learners were impressed and all commented, “Samsung is a very innovative company, it is changing the face of technology as we know it. Not only is it a company but it is a movement for change that inspires young children and adults to reach for new stars.”

The learners ended the event by writing messages of support to their favourite teams on the Samsung campaign board and posting messages using All Share. OUR PASSION POWERS AFRICA.



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