Will these guys ever score 25-26 goals in this season alone? I know I'm being a little bit naive, buty then I believe the potential is immernse for our strikers to reach that mark. Strikers like to score goals and scoring feels good.

Let me get on with the post at hand.


10: Benni McCarthy (Orlando Pirates)

He has played in the best leagues, worked under the best and greatest coaches. He's got flawless technique and his intelligence is incomparable. He seems to be enjoying to create scoring opportunities for others unlike scoring. Could he really get to out-score all the rest? He is not a selfish player, but then his team mates are. Jali and Manyisa would always want to shoot from awkward angles and every good scoring chance gets wasted.

Odds rating: 01/10 chance for Benni to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals.


09: Terror Fanteni (Ajax Cape Town)

He's got power and he is that big man every team dream about. He is an on and off kind of player and for the most part of the season he fades into realms of comfort and the goals stop coming. Terror must assert himself more, take chances more and practice most of his long range shots and might become a surprise package.


Odds rating: 02/10 Chance for Terror to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals.


08: David Radebe( Pretoria University)

Did very well in the NFD last season and Pretoria University saw an opportunity to get an experienced striker to their side. Do I believe Radebe might outscore anyone? Slim chance, but then if he becomes more of a box player he might score a lot of goals.


Odds rating: 03/10 chance for Radebe to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals.


07: Calvin Kadi (Wits University)

Had a superb season for Veria in Greece last season. Played 31 games and hit the net 19 times. He is only 25 and I would like to believe that he was peaking last season and we will see more from Calvin this season I hope.


Odds rating: 3.5/10 chance for Calvin to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


06: Eleazar Rodgers (Sundowns)

Depending on how often Sundowns play him, Rodgers might do very well. Anyone that walks into that Sundowns team has potential to become great. The supply is flawless from the likes of Teko and Mokoena. Rogers might really, really be a big surprise.


Odds rating: 04/10 chance for Rodgers to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


05: Brian Abbas Amidu (Black Leopards)

I know we don't know much about this man, but then if what I saw against Celtic is anything to go by then the young man will do good for himself. He has speed, precision and wonderful movement. The supply though and the confidence of Black Leopards might do him no justice. We all know where leopards find their selves in the log.

Odds rating: 4.5/10 chance for Amidu to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


04: Nyasha Mushekwi (Sundowns)


Is he still a Sundowns player? well, if he still is I think he will do very very well for himself this season. He put Mphela on the bench most of the season that passed and if the past is anything to go by then Nyasha stands a good chance of getting the nod. His body frame, height and work ethic won't let him down and there's ofcourse Teko with brilliant passes and crosses.


Odds rating: 05/10 chance for Nyasha to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


03: Siyabonga Nomvethe (Swallows)

Hehehe! Okay, this old man is not that good, but then he has so much to prove and convince a lot of us that last season was not a fluke. Experience and his sprints might go a long way in this campaign, but then only time will tell.


Odds rating: 5.5/10 chance for Bhele to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


02: Bernard Parker (Kaizer Chiefs)

This is not because he score 04 goals in his first game this season, this is because Parker is a brilliant player. Remember the confed cup? The nice goals he scored? Parker is back and for the record he stands a good chance of scoring goals more than anyone. Chiefs supply has always been good and it just lacked a finisher and with Bernard regaining his form, the sky could just be the limit.


Odds rating: 6/10 chance for Bernard to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


01: Edward Manqele ( Sundowns)

Wait a minute, no Mphela? Yes, no Mphela - he wont get game time at Sundowns. Anyway, Edward seem to have the coach's backing at Sundowns and might play most of the games. He might always be the man to make the field any given Sunday and don't be fooled, Sundowns is a very deadly team.


Odds rating: 6.5/10 chance for Edward to become a leading scorer with 25-26 goals


Okay guys, there you have - I have analysed my odds and one of these guys might outscore everyone, unless if a midfielder decided to out perform these guys. Hope they score more than 25-26 goals - realistically its possible, but given the lazy mentality of our players...

What do you guys think?

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Comment by FredMoo on December 3, 2012 at 17:11

When was this created cause its only Parker in this post who is active


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