Still haunted by Santana’s statement

I am still haunted by Santana’s claim that he was hired to make SA play like Brazil. I just can’t understand which person in a good state of mind will initiate such kind of an operation. If one wants SA to play like Brazil why not start at PSL Clubs and have all teams coached by Brazilians so that the players can sing the same song at national level (Bafana). That decision alone shows our soccer administrators can't think properly. As for the new president Mr Nematandani, I am disappointed in him, 7 straight defeats is enough reason to fire the coach instead he gives him 3 more games. Do we have to wait for him to lose the 10th game?

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Comment by mgeiks on October 14, 2009 at 16:12
@Broke Fan
Good post bud. This Santana guy should have been fired a long time ago, especially after fielding that defensive side in the opening match of the Confed cup. I mean, like really, I've never seen such a defensive side in my life, at internation level nogal, where you're supposed to have the best attacking options the country has to offer. The only time when he fielded an attacking side with the freedom to run riot, it payed results [The game against New Zealand]. Instead of picking up from that mentality...what does he do? He still pits that boring defensive formation. He tries the same thing over and over again hoping it will pay dividends the next time. Firing Santana now will be the best thing for our World Cup aspirations. Oh yah, 'bout the statement that's haunting haunted me too. We are South African, why on earth should we adopt another nations playing style? We should play to our strength
I have concluded that you know nothing about South African football
Comment by Broke Fan on October 14, 2009 at 12:21
sekolumoto khauta, Bafana did great under Clive Barker [1996 African Nations Cup Champs], Jomo Sono [1998 African Nations Cup runner ups, 1 draw-1win-1loss in 2002 WC] Shakes Mashaba [played 17 games, won 10, drew 5, lost 2]. I wonder where u are getting your facts from. In this article, the point I am trying to make is that if we keep local coaches, not only at Bafana level but at club levels as well. We will be the best we used to be during 1996-2002 era. We have to play our native SA soccer as we did in those years before foreign contact. The 1996 class consisted of local based players and a local coach and majority of PSL teams were coached by locals. 98% of players never played abroad and according to many people like you Mr Khauta were deemed not-good enough. My apologies if I became emotional.
Comment by sekolumoto khauta on October 14, 2009 at 9:02
MF2,i dont deny the fact that santana is the backbone for bafana,but what i mean is even if we hire the coach that money can buy sa will not change from being a poor soccer nation,auty yaka,from 1990-2007 how many coaches did sa employ,who ever did best internationally?no one.if that is the case why do u think firing santana will bring results for bafana,guys think,check background before making comments,since bafana bafana was formed none of all coaches that coached it ever seen last 16 world cup,so are still saying coaching is the promblem or are the players?please forgive me if am too personal,but try to look at diffrent perspectives if ever ur a tru soccer follower,can u say that all coachse that coached sa were poor?blue lie.googdluk


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