Safa, this is my plea: Put a coach in charge who knows how to win matches at all costs.

The time for a coach with a grand plan for the long-term development of our football is gone. It’s too late now.

It’s results the South Africa team needs and it’s results the South African public deserve. The days of talking strategy, development and life beyond 2010 are over. Safa has failed badly here.

In my opinion, South African football’s leadership need to hire and support a coach who knows how to win matches! Simple as that.

Top international coaches who fit the bill are mostly employed already. So go local. Gavin Hunt and Ruud Krol are the best choices … over the past two seasons, they’ve shown they can work with talented players and get them winning. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that they are the best candidates.

Off the record chats with senior Bafana players back up my statement. They’d enjoy working with either man. Krol and Hunt know the conditions, they know South African players and they know how to win. Simple criteria for the top job!

It’s almost November, the World Cup is upon us and no plan or strategy is in place to secure the future of the sport. Meaningful development is still broken, school soccer is not what it should be, amateur structures are diabolical and proper continuation between junior national teams and Bafana is non-existent.

Carlos Alberto Parreira highlighted these issues from late 2007 onwards, Stuart Baxter gave Safa a plan in 2004/05 and Carlos Queiroz did the same before Baxter. The plans are collecting dust. Nothing was done.

So bringing back one of these gentlemen or any coach with ‘beyond 2010’ on his lips, is not the answer.

Baxter and Queiroz won’t be brought back. That leaves Parreira. But how much competitive football has the Brazilian won recently?

I respect the man, but Safa did not support his long-term ideas two years ago, why would they do it now, when it’s too late?

So he’d have to be hired for different reasons and that would be to make Bafana a winning side immediately. Can he do that? I am not so certain.

Come on Safa, you know what to do. You owe it to the players, the fans and the general public to do the right thing and hire a man who will turn this team into winners. And quickly!

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Comment by MZUKISI "The ChickMagnet" NGQEZA on October 22, 2009 at 11:56
*Hunt for Bafana...Barker Technical advisor.
*Serame...must coach the u/23s
*Groom the current Amajita for 2014 and beyond
Comment by FredMoo on October 22, 2009 at 10:23
Changed my mind......Hunt for top post .....Baker advisor
Comment by Proffesor "Champion" Khumalo on October 21, 2009 at 16:43
I personally think Carlos Alberto Parreira must not come back... why did he live the country in de 1st place & recommended someone with no international experience. Parreira does not have the country's best interest at heart.
Comment by Phumzile on October 21, 2009 at 12:29
Definitely No Krol. Firstly I don't think he's been here long enough to know enough local football as a whole to do well in the job. I'm not only refering to knowing the teams and players, but the cultural and other dynamics of local football. He does know some things about Pirates, but I'm sure he's still learning about their culture too as a club. Secondly, Khoza is the boss of Pirates and he has a dispute with SAFA. We surely don't want any more spats toward 2010. Gordon is my candidate and he carries no baggage, no national team players at his current team so less chances of controversial selections: remember Pitso and Katza?
Comment by Proffesor "Champion" Khumalo on October 21, 2009 at 10:46
"WORLD CUP Experience" - I'm sorry, but this is just nonsense… its time we build our very own “coach” for big events whetha its 2 months to GO. Even Krol with his experience won’t make us win the World Cup or make the last 16. We’ve failed long ago… this quick fix up thing wont work… bringing in new people is the BEST way forward… they’ll learn in 2010 World Cup… like de likes of Carlos, Scolari, Krol and co did… so this means after the World Cup these guys will go back to their clubs or whateva… we need a full-time Coach period… who will learn and continue as we move forward… this try to fix-fix thing wont work… First Round is our destination 2010… by some luck we might make de last 16…
Comment by FredMoo on October 21, 2009 at 10:25
we have 7 months to prepare for the WORLD CUP, so just like what SAFA vice president said, we need somebody who has WORLD CUP experience & knows our players. bonus is that here @ PSL we have somebody who has played is 2 WORLD CUPS & also played in the final, bonus is that he was even the captain……the very same man even coaches @ WORLD CUP as an assistant coach, he even coached in the AFCON Finals……yes he has won nothing in PSL other the useless Charity Cup but he has what we need. Fact is that we are not expected to win the WORLD CUP but we want to get a respectable position. That man is Rudi Krol but problem is that he coaches for Khoza’s team & I don’t see him releasing him.
Comment by Proffesor "Champion" Khumalo on October 21, 2009 at 10:24
I think we are crackin ourselves for nothing.
Solution that will make everyone HAPPY… and Bafana build for de FUTURE!

GAVIN Hunt is hired as head Coach of Bafana Bafana full-time… then bring as well Gordon Igesund as an assistant Coach FULL-TIME

PITSO Mosimane is fired… he moves back to SuperSport United as a helper to Thomas Madigage who is promoted as Head Coach.
JAIRO Leal is fired… he moves back to Brazil to coach Fluminense de former team that fired Parreira recently.
Carlos Alberto Parreira is ban to ever visit South Africa… even to attend the World Cup.

Jomo Sono must not be hired… maybe as a motivator… that’s it… he needs to focus on Cosmos and development…. If he needs a job in Bafana……..
Clive Barker must not be hired… he is old news… old tactics… small reference AmaZulu FC
Comment by Zweli "Khosified Maverick" on October 20, 2009 at 14:35
A local coach I plead... not this Parreira oke. He can come back after the WC to start the development programme he initiated and proposed before he left and chose to be with his sick wife.


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