mr editor can u please post this essay in every soccer colomn for the whole world to see so that evrybody making a desicion on bafana bafana can open his eyes on some area of weaknesses.

i bet with evrytyhing that i have that santana is not the man to be blamed due to our recent poor bafana perfomance,i am saying if we fire him and hire a new coach come 2010 sa will not win even a single match,if that happens will u please sent police to my residence and collect all that i have.

moving on,does safa have brain?how can it employ a person who stated that instead of watching soccer he better watch criket(hunt)are we expecting such a person to ever be posative on the country,hunt is one of the coaches interested in bafana post,so are we expecting him to ever judge santana posatively?safa do u ever ask ur selves questions or u just make desicions basing urselves on poor,noisy sa media.

i once again repeat,even if we hire sir alex,morhino,capello,dunga,wenger etc they cant successed because sa does not have soccer south africa what is lacking is players,they donot have passion for their country.

what i would like to pass to my fellow soccer lover's especially bafana's,let us support coach.
and to all sa medias,stop making noise about the coach so that ur papers can be highly bought but support coach.

apart from that i would like to congradulate CHOMANE chomane on his views on "hare ee morning drive show dated 13-10-2009" the man talked like a football expert,we like that.

hopefully my request will reach a good site of ur consideration.

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Comment by Broke Fan on October 14, 2009 at 8:17
sekolumoto khauta , nothing personal but you sound like Santana. Do not brainwash us in believing that we do not have good players. I totaly disagree with you. SA has good players, the problem is the people that lead our players. As a soccer player, I have seen coaches destroying talented players in and in other occasions I have seen other coaches turning ordinary players into stars. If you played soccer you will know what I am talking about. A coach is a backbone of every team. If a coach has no backbone a team will head to a wrong direction.


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