are our players good enuogh to play in countries like spain,england,and germany?

i have a problem with our players non movement to more established leagues like la liga,english premier league,but to smaller leagues?

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which motswana can ply in la liga?
Dirang Moloi? Pontsho?....... hu?? Joel? Muluba? oh hell no... our guys ba matepe... Only Dipsy can play anywhere in e world!!!! e guy o comited nd he alwys givs 110% ga nke a llela madi, he s never on papers 4 bad reasons....
maybe in twenty decades to come..if rebabona ha,recruitment program can be given serious attention, because at the moment..aaaaaaah! bo dirang,oteng moalosi,skhana koko,look at the likes of bo drogba,essien and company this guys have a complete attributes for a soccer player,discipline,physical fittness,which is a main problem in our guys,our guys here in bots dnt qualify to play in those hi' leagues,the talent is there bt with no determination and effort,..finaly they find their talents falling down an endless tunnel of doom reality,i min they dont show the hunger to compete for such posts and as such we will onli put our hopes on this coming generation...onli if the right formulas are put into practice by the B.F.A



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