Why Bafana might struggle even more - part the pitch issues

There are so many negative things happening around Bafana off-the pitch which might affect the performance of the team come AFCON 2013....


  • The timing of the tournament just before Mangaung where politicians were not sure of their jobs after the conference hence the goverment just got involved after Mangaung
  • The match-fixing scandal....why now when the team needs a united federation?
  • The team manager not sure if his job is save
  • The high standard training facility since they left Royal Bafokeng Sports Center
  • The passing away of Tommy (RIP)....the team performance says it all since his death
  • The still to be sorted contract of Serame Letsoaka (assistant coach)
  • The talkative coach who puts the team in unnecessary pressure
  • Rumour is that the bonus issue of the players is not solved
  • The very quite captein (why give the president the jeasey with his name, why not only his number with ZUMA at the back) 
  • The supporters who dont believe in them

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heheheheheheheheheh and the Sangoma did not see the way forward kwakwakwakwa the pitch,Siyabonga Sangweni claims to play for Golden Arrows,that may distract and confuse the team..

Hehehe Ntokzin, Soze, Nini & Snyemfu wont like this comment 


hehehe - has SAFA settled Muti-Man S'bonelo Madela?

I disagree on the passing of Tommy as have had a bearing in results as far as Bafana is concerned,they were not winning anyway even when he was alive.

Fred stop with your negativity please, we havent start to play the first game and we are struggling hayikhona

hayi Fred, i think we all know that our team is not perfect but at the moment i am giving them my 100% support regardless of the issues surrounding the team

I think the team will do well because of all these "problems", it will give them something to fight for!



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