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Tlame put some meat on those bones, however for me it has to be Benni McCarthy no doubt.

Sincerely yours
TeamKickOff Captain
ja,but ketty,you know i watched him mo video tape and he was just amazing`
This is unfair question because we never watched most of our legends but we read that they were good players. We'll end up arguing all day and night. I believe Steve Kamalazoo was one of the best but I never saw him play so I can't vote for him, you see the complexity in this? Even Ace I didn't see that much of him so it's difficult to mention one name while there were more talented players we never got to see in the olden days.
Try to source some old video tapes baba and you will learn not to believe the hype, those old players were as slow as a tortoise.

If you watched old tapes you will also see how much football has evolved without much use of technology, and yes this is an unfair question to ask because again systems and reason why our players soccer then and now are completely different.

Sincerely yours
TeamKickOff Captain
i did watch them...guess what against pirates,jomo sono was nowhere to be seen1
ok,i mean like during our era then,hey1
Jabu 'Shuffle' Pule
party animal
Patrick "ACE" Ntsoelengoe, no doubt!
i dont believe in that greatest player rubbish it is unfair to compare yesteryears football and modern football because they are different so the no such thing as the greatet ever. I have seen great footballers over the years if you ask the older generation they will tell you that guys like Masterpieces Moripe, Shuffle Mokopane and Jonny"magwegwe" Mokoena were a marvel to watch but never fulfilled their talents. In our generaation we talk about the likes of Junaid Hatley, Jabu Mahlangu, Mbulelo Mabizela etc.



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