We have seen our National team yet again fail to make the nation proud. We are yet again going to hear about the Class of '96, how brilliant they were and how they made the country proud.

We are sorry for the boy who tried and gave their all, but it was not enough, point is Bafana have nothing to celebrate still.

We are looking at the World Cup now, in fact we still have to qualify. A lot of work still has to be done with this team for us to say we have a good Bafana squad.

What do we expect of GI? Does he resign, build a new team keeping few players or just continue with the current Squad with few additions here and there?

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Sad news, GI will be BB coach until 2018.....

Do you believe that Fred?

That's what SAFA president said...

heard it this morning as well, those are not sad news, I love it, continuity is what we call it. Now GI should start introducing young players into the team.

Nemathandani cant hold this country into ransom,this is nonsense of the highest order,it was him and his Safa exec who told everybody who cared to litsen that GI's mandate was to reach the semi where are those statements,he failed the mandate by the way then he should wonder this country is going to the dogs,everyone can just make careless statements and fail to live up to them and you have a Minister of Sport saying Bafana did the country proud....we must agree we are a nation of failures....

And the media saying we did well....GI is the lucky to be a hero when he does bad

We have became used to this mediocrity such that people issue statements like that.

-What exactly did BB do to make us proud?

-Some say the future is bright, there's light at the end of the tunnel blah blah blah.... but we have been saying this for the past 10 yrs or so yet still we haven't achieve anything at international level.


If the leadership can be accountable to itself, associate with criminals like Perumal and never really take any solid action, what do you expect?

Agree with you 100%. Below are excerpts of an article written by Carlos Amato (Mail and Guardian)

"Bafana Bafana have no grasp of the dark art of giant-killing,which you can only master if you regularly confront superior teams" on a regular basis be it both in CAF club competitions or internationally in tough leagues of the world

"None of Bafana's players work in a major league. And seven of the starting eleven play in the PSL, where they are big, comfy fishes in a small pond. And big South African teams can't really be bothered with African competitions – they prefer to fart around in pursuit of tacky domestic pots"

My point is nicely captured by the journalist above. We are victims of inbreeding. For as long as clubs (big or small) don`t take CAF competitions seriously we will never develop the thick skin required.. Instead we are happy to feed on a diet of gimmicks like the Carling Black Label.

Jackson has avoice afterall... phew...

So what are you saying Jackson? based on where our players are employed, the time that GI had to prepare his team. How did he fair?

Given what the mandate was from SAFA ( as we read in the papers) to get to the semifinals and given the fact that when he took the job he knew fully well that there was not enough time he quite clearly failed to meet the mandate



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