We have seen our National team yet again fail to make the nation proud. We are yet again going to hear about the Class of '96, how brilliant they were and how they made the country proud.

We are sorry for the boy who tried and gave their all, but it was not enough, point is Bafana have nothing to celebrate still.

We are looking at the World Cup now, in fact we still have to qualify. A lot of work still has to be done with this team for us to say we have a good Bafana squad.

What do we expect of GI? Does he resign, build a new team keeping few players or just continue with the current Squad with few additions here and there?

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I doubt if we are going to qualify, lets start with vision 2018 and i doubt if GI is going to keep his job after failing to qualify!!!

True, i think SAFA must come up with Project 2018, i dentify a coach to implement it and get the ball rolling now. this quick fix schemes have failed and IMO, GI has no pedigree of building a team and entrusting him with such a project might not work. but if SAFA feel he can carry it through, it is still fine but we need to see that plan produced now.


Keep GI.....that was some good football....boys were just unlukcy

now....get ready for the WC....Central Africa Republic is coming.....


I think we should keep GI, he is one coach who recently got the players really motivated and ready to die for the country.

He should not only focus on qualifying but work on "Project 2018", meaning he should keep the current squad and slowly introduce young and upcoming players into the national team.

I still believe we will qualify for the WC!!

Gordon must leave...enter Steve Khompela..he has failed the nation.

you cant seriously say you did not see any development in this squad, the guy is capable of bringing results, you just wanted results there and then forgetting he just took over.....if you guys are goin to change coaches like underwear's u mite as well forget bout winning anythin... patience.

Gordon was just a temporary solution to a permanet problem,maybe you don not knw the history of GI,i would forgive you, we need a coach that can utilise our pool of players especially under 23 players....Steve is the only one who can build this sqaud...

i know the history of cant compare his history to GI's now come on man....khomphela o tshwana le Pitso... let GI lead boss- utilising a pool of u/23 doest not guaranteed win now does it, let GI Coach

Steven Keshi is in the semis with mostly under 23 players.

and Egypt failed to qualify with their u/23

but still using u/23 "South African" players doesn't guarantee a win. How many under 23 players do we have that are beating the world in the under 23 squad now? what have they won



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