As we normaly do....either we go crazy or go home, past was beyond crazy. It was fun @ its best.

Big-up to the organizer....Maestro, all was in order. Big-up to Mogro Lodge management especially the owner, Mogomotsi Huma for their hospitality. We felt @ home. Ta Tiyani Mabasa for joining us.

The TKO crew which were crazy....Maestro, Guru, Broke, Ntokz, Soze, Jeff, Kgosi Maubane, Thabang, Ninii, Mpho, Helman, Mcebo & friends....we had it all.

Polokwane is next & it will be next September

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Hahahaa Mjeffinho.....

Looks like you guys had fun... Who is the dude in the orange shirt? Oh wait a minute! The dude in the Bhakaniya shirt too? Oh well, there's Biggie, Fred and Ole...

There is no Biggie there? Orange shirt is Hermisto we Khosi and in Pirates gear is Soze

Riskin tell this boy not associate my name with one figure there, I know who he suspects is me..only if he new how slender I am.

hahahahahahahahahaha he just thought the name fits the bill but eish Biggie I will not speak let me just fold my mouth as per Gaga

I can't imagine myself in that loose shape, no man!

Is Soze such a cute looking beau? Hermisto...Grrrr!

All the others look like they are going through a midlife crisis...Hahahahah!

hahahahahahahaha Lucky you are one tough guy hahahahahahaha

Hehehehe! If there was a contest for Mr Get together then it would've been between Soze and Hermisto and I wouldn't mind being the prize... Kwaaakwaaaakwaaa!

Shame man Jeff - Surgery can go a long way. Fred must tone down a little on the booze, its not good for his face. Ole, Well with a help of a fashion guru, that moa he can look the part...

Hehehe, I see the gaydar is working at full strength. So you reckon the Guru needs a fashion re-directing?

Hehehehe! Today its working so strong on Soze and Hermisto.... #Hides#




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