We must finish this first round on top of the table and possibilities are too high as Pirates will play a draw against Maritzburg in Nelson Mandela bay this coming weekend.Finishing on top will give us advantage so that we go back to remforce our squad especially in central defence and central midfield then the league is ours.

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Even if we lose both our games before the break we will still be on top

So what? Ask your KBY friends from Chloorkop about finishing 1st round on top (sic) - they couldn't muster enough strength to mount (sic) a challenge thereafter,hahahaha!


ha ha ha KBY friends !
Pirates will not beat Maritzburg away

and Maritzburg is playing away too...

and chiefs will not win any day game!

Which day game are you talking about? Or where you come from 18H00 and 19H30 is during the day?

Well looks like Chiefs have started the second round on top of the table.

Well. its not about where you start the marathon but how you finish it!

But where you are positioned half way the marathon race does count

if you think being in top does count, ask the runners of comrade marathon whether the guy who comes first at the half way line will win the marathon?



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