We must finish this first round on top of the table and possibilities are too high as Pirates will play a draw against Maritzburg in Nelson Mandela bay this coming weekend.Finishing on top will give us advantage so that we go back to remforce our squad especially in central defence and central midfield then the league is ours.

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maybe but it helps that we are still on top...we are still the challengers and if we can continue this way we can win the championship...we are motivated by the fact that we are tops...pls dont try to demoralise us...

Suddenly sitting on top of the log is a bad thing? Hayi Soze awume

suddenly? look at the pass two season.


Zweli, i'm not trying anything, i'm just repeating what Baxter said, it's better to be the hunter than the hunted.

But being a hunter is completety reliant on wishing for the top team to choke, right now Chiefs are the ones dectating terms on the league and the rest of the pack are getting piles because they keep on minying[sic] for Chiefs to lose

kwakwakwa..kwikwikwi  yeka ukuzikhohlisa. It's early for Chiefs to dictate terms and mind you, it's not a 10 point gap where they'll afford to loose point, Chiefs is there one playing under pressure especially knowing which bees are coming. 

Don`t you think you`re taking the "league is a marathon" phrase a bit too literally?

why would you not take it a bit too literally? you have mountains to climb and all sorts of challenges, i see no difference.

You are right Soze, they are exactly the same and right now the advantage is with Chiefs to win this marathon

No, Phelelani, I am not taking it too literally - it is the truth. Its really about how you finish, one only has to look at the contrasting fortunes of Tuks and Dikwena in Q2 to realise that a lot can still happen in the home straight

Congrats Makhosi! Now we are going round the bend. Let's how you keep up.


I hope Chiefs buy some 2 good players at least.

I agree....we will struggle without Yeye or Katsande. I saw Zvasiya playing central defensive midfield last night after Katsande saw red.

Baxter is a very smart coach and he will improvise.

Or you guys will shop quickly for a defensive centre midfielder.



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