Seeing that most of u r failers and quiters I thought ag, let me teach u a thing or two about not being a loser. Well I know truth hurts and you r all in denial. Thanx to me I'm here to help all of u and to wake u up from slumberland eradicate your low level of thinking. The first stem is admitting u have a problem. So the first blogger who comments in this topic is the one who's in a way admitting so I can help him/ her.


Your lazyness is killing our economy, this is your chance to allow me to help u

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Hehehe... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Soze 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see all of u have already given up on life. I can help you

What are you? a medium?

Take a wild guess but I'll tell u what u are.  U r a DIVA

Hehehe... Diva? Nah... U will need to guess again...

I'll tell you what you are, you a bored old man trying to get through your days of pension at our expense... Tell me if I'm wrong? :)

Hehehehe Lucky has never been this deadly! He just floored Mr Know-fokol with a stiletto!

I can see there's too much love here between u guyz



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