Seeing that most of u r failers and quiters I thought ag, let me teach u a thing or two about not being a loser. Well I know truth hurts and you r all in denial. Thanx to me I'm here to help all of u and to wake u up from slumberland eradicate your low level of thinking. The first stem is admitting u have a problem. So the first blogger who comments in this topic is the one who's in a way admitting so I can help him/ her.


Your lazyness is killing our economy, this is your chance to allow me to help u

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Hey wena Bhotyumpha stop using mxit grammar here then people will take you seriously. Not unless you are a bornfree then I will understand.

Yes! My first patient. Thanx 4allowing me to use my skills to help u 

Oh nooo!!

Hehehe... Sounds like you are on to something boet - come on now - Talk some more...

Nango ke uLucky usuyamfuna

Hehehe... Shabane beau... How can I want him when there's you to want... :)

Shabane a BEAU??????

Hehehehe, Lucky changes beaus like Ole changes Florsheim shoes.

Mlangeni who died and turned you into a "beau" expert? :)

Hehehehe I only say what I see with my coca-cola bottom glasses beau.

Hehehe... Size 13...

You are too cute... #Kisses Size 13 on the fore head#

Can u go and do your kissing thingy down there.........



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