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As I sit on my rickety chair, typing this e-mail, I am filled with conflicting emotions. I guess, however, that some things have to be done regardless of how difficult they are.  My little old version of the Oxford Consince Dictionary defines a Relationship as: An association between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. This association may be based on inference, love, solidarity, regular business interactions, or some other type of social commitment.


This has always been the general understanding of the most, if not all, of the members of the TeamKickOff (TKO) family from day 1. This relationship further evolved to a point where a reciprocal association developed when a concept of Annual TKO Get-Together was first mooted in 2010. The understanding was that members would get a chance to meet and interact socially under the umbrella of KickOff to further enhance and strengthen the brand which had brought us together. The inaugural Get-Together held in Glenburn was a massive success and brought with it a promise for better things to come. Regrettably, it was a false dawn! We as members of this voluntary group were in no way expecting any hand-outs from KickOff, however, we expected a certain ounce of commitment from KickOff as a brand under which we converged, more so after it was clear that there is a relationship between us that needed nurturing. We have unfortunately not enjoyed a mutual relationship between TKO and KickOff in the past two sessions of our Get-Together. It feels like we are a burden to them or a little irritation is necessary to check if you can still scratch yourself bt doesn't REALLY help you.

Those of us who attended the get-Together over the weekend reflected on this matter after another shoddy "acknowledgement" of our contribution to the KickOff brand and agreed as follows:

1. It is of no use or consequence to pursue a relationship with someone who doesn't give a damn about you. It is the most noble thing to end our association with this huge brand

2. We still need a platform to engage as soccer supporters and fans

3. We have an alternative platform developed by one of our, Brokefan, called Soccergags, which we encourage you to explore.

4. We wish to thank KickOff and its management for developing this wonderful avenue for us to talk. Some very good relationships have developed between members as a result of this platform.

We would like to hear your views on the matter.

Your Royal Highness

Kgosi Tautona Maubane


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Photos of the get together that they did not want seen hahahaha


Hahahahahahaha, damn!

hahahahahahahaha Kali you can see they were enjoying to the max there but had it not been for my own security I would have exposed the raunchy pics hahahahaha

Hahaha this is "crazy fun" in Mr Moo's voice

Hahaha, you're a dead man walking mfana! Why is Fred's eyes closed? Enjoying the drink and some under-water attention perhaps?

under water attention, hahahahahahahahahaha * voluntary cremation*

Hahaha WTF

Hahahahahahahahahhahaha, where is FredMoo's other hand? could it be busy with underwater tactics pleasuring him? heheheheehehehe *runs*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah so Fred goes under? hehehehehe December boss

I will be glad to see a "clique" leave KO and cross over. They made this platform their own even to the point of making new joiners feel unwelcome and make a hasty retreat. This will give KO an opportunity to rebuild itself afresh with cool headed memebers who are willing to share the platform without harrassing anyone.

Good riddance to those who wants to leave and to those who are staying, i say lets allow fresh and cool headed debate that is all inclusive.

KO has not been growing for a long time because a certain "clique" thought they own it and harrassed new memebrs. Even myslelf, an old member is often asked who am i by those who dont know me. What does it matter who am i? do you ask who am i because i am not agreein with you? I am just like you, i want to air my views here as per the design of this forum.


My predictions 10 years ago or so, was that by this time KO will be the biggest forum ( in real terms) because it is a very good concept, it has a special market and it should growm. Als! it didnt and its all because of the behaviour of some members, a "clique". 

I am going nowhere, but good luck to the soccergaggers all the same. Pity you using the same FREE platform you leaving to announce the new opposition.

Hehehehe, on-point in all your points sir, definitely share your sentiments and argument.



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