Lets face it...Bobby and Daddy have done it again...


Before i get into the crux of what ive observed,i want to categorically state,without fear or favour,that,the new Kaizer Chiefs jersey is down right UGLY!


Now,one might ask,why then do I see the beauty in it?Well,stragely,it is the new Pirates jersey that has triggered this sudden observation...We need to realise & accept that Chiefs is a big brand simply because of its great marketing systems employed since the apartheid days to date...When a team launches a new thing,the idea is to get people to notice it,to talk about it...remember,the unwritten rule states that theres no such thing as bad publicity...With that weird jersey,people started paying attention,even my neighbour's snobbish girldfriend noticed rugby supporting white colleague commented on my fb status...etc


At the end of the day,Chiefs brought more glory to themselves,this was the best possible way of advertising/marketing...Pirates launches a jersey,yet we still talk about Chiefs' ugly jersey...that should tell you something....!!!the Chiefs jersey,is ugly,yet futuristic and trend-setting...!

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so chiefs is marketing jersey ,so people can talk about it ,not buying it ma se kind?
Yet again Conti this Chiefs jersey will be a top seller in soccer merchandise.



Sad but true.

You have a point there Feesh. If you look @ Pirates jersey, it is so simple and doesn't stand out at all. It is beautiful though, but it doesn't make a statement.

Anything Bobby and Daddy touch, turns gold... They are the best in this business
heheeee all this from a dude who thought TKO was a 'dating site'.......
Tsiki Halom from Lusikisiki,,READ my post with a NOT praising the Chiefs jersey,,, for the dating is you who told US that you have a "super amazing ex",,,and it was concluded that you must have met this "super amazing ex' here,on TKO...hahaha,it wasnt me who came up with that conclusion...maybe its your boyfriend from Nongoma..

Hehehe... Ntsiki, was Fish making advances on you or on "your super amazing Axe"? Hehehe... I knew that something was strange happening beneath that dread locked head of this man, now Mbazo 'Axe" will never visit us here eMzansi.



hahahahaha Mokete u dnt wanna knw how twisted thngs are beneath them dreads..

hahahahah,,,Ntsiki,lets lay this issue to rest,once and for all...who is this "super amazing ex"? why are you still in love with him?why did he dump you,or as you prefer to put it,why did he leave you?


the platform is yours...*please just answer me,and we end it here,this discussion is spoiling the actual post*

kwaaak!uyahlanya sani...this woman must tell you about her "super amazing ex'...the whole world knows about him,,,it is only the identity that is hidden...



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