Lets face it...Bobby and Daddy have done it again...


Before i get into the crux of what ive observed,i want to categorically state,without fear or favour,that,the new Kaizer Chiefs jersey is down right UGLY!


Now,one might ask,why then do I see the beauty in it?Well,stragely,it is the new Pirates jersey that has triggered this sudden observation...We need to realise & accept that Chiefs is a big brand simply because of its great marketing systems employed since the apartheid days to date...When a team launches a new thing,the idea is to get people to notice it,to talk about it...remember,the unwritten rule states that theres no such thing as bad publicity...With that weird jersey,people started paying attention,even my neighbour's snobbish girldfriend noticed rugby supporting white colleague commented on my fb status...etc


At the end of the day,Chiefs brought more glory to themselves,this was the best possible way of advertising/marketing...Pirates launches a jersey,yet we still talk about Chiefs' ugly jersey...that should tell you something....!!!the Chiefs jersey,is ugly,yet futuristic and trend-setting...!

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Hehehehehe, good point. One imagines a very hot and sunny day and the referee and spectators confused as to who did what.
have you really seen it live and stared at it in full sunlight? or you are just talking for the sake of it?
Hehehehehehe, jo my friend is extremely angry! I'm sorry mfana!

Eish! this Guy... No matter how hard you can justify it, the shirt is a flop baba! As a KC Fan I have no option than to buy it for the love of that team but the thing is ugly! I can assure you the'll never make the same mistake again!


we all agree its ugly and our use of the word is subjective but this post highlights the marketing mileage received by introoducing it
This man talks sense



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