Slowly but sure my love for football is fading and i know there is nothning one can do about it.

as long as we have power hungry leaders in football we could see ourself going to the stadium with body guards and weapons,serious matters are being ignored like doddgy middlemen`s decisions,delegates are cooking results even before the game starts,poor black players are crying about the racism and they end up being suspended, if Blatter can ban a potential candidate and competititors for life who will think of challenging him?

ni thought PSL was corrupt but what i witness in AFCON was totally and purely a shame,one couls see for E.G the game between Togo and Tunisia,all ghana`s games,Zambia against Nigeria and to make matters worse the Ghana`s last game,you could see that who ever is involved wanted Ghana to beat BF which unfortunately did n`t happen and except Appiah i wonder who is going to loose the job.

What would have happen if Ghana managed to beat BF?

Would Caf(mafia) have changed the results?

What would have happen is the fans reacted the way Ethopians had against Zambia?

Some teams are working hard to play this games but other teams know a simpl,e and easy way to win a match.....

it is surely killing football....Congatulations to the finalists you worked hard and fair to be there especially BF playing in Mbombela and making use of the conditions and never complained in a single day(hope Katongo has taken a leaf from them)

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You said it all my brother. I just read from KO that the ref who officiated a semi between Ghana and Burkina Faso have since admitted that he wrongly sent off Patriopa. Im sure Nigerians will not b happy about the decision.

What could have happen if Ghana did managed to beat BF?

Eish clown this thing of Ghana winning by Penalties in most of their games is worrying, against Cape Verde there were given a penalty and The El Chapo switched to another channel and stop watching that game, Ghana is always getting penalties something is fishy about that team.

and the worse thing is their are a good football playing nation...they don`t need that>>



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