Morning fellas and fellarettes, not to take attention from the other post, here we predict and provide reasons why the business-end games will turn out the way we say they will. Let me start:


Cape Verde Vs Ghana: Gallant fighting by the former has propelled them into the knockout stage, while Ghana struggled initially, but cruised eventually. Ghana are getting stronger, Cape Verde have reached their peak. Ghana to win by 2 goals.


Mali Vs South Africa: This is one fixture that's hard to call. The Malians are stronger, the South Africans are quicker. I see set-pieces being Mali's port-of-call, while South Africa will hope to benefit from Mali's defensive lapses. Tough call, might go to extra-time, with Mali edging it by an odd goal.


Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast: Many see this as a walk-in-the park for the Ivorians, who seem to have started playing as a unit and not individuals. Nigeria have struggled and needed two Moses penalties. I foresee a tight game that will depend on a virtually last-minute goal by...Victor Moses. Nigeria edge their more glamorous opponents.


Burkina Faso Vs Togo: Another thriller on the cards! Burkina Faso look stronger (slightly so) but with Traore probably out of it, Togo would get a better bet, with Adebayor playing an increasingly important role. Togo should win by an odd goal, possibly after extra time.


What are your thoughts?

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Nxa, that ref was the 2nd worst in this tourney. Eish Risko, that Bance guy is good, never mind his looks hehehehe. It will be an interesting final!


Am I the only one who thinks Ghana lack what they call BMT?

Pitroipa! Pitroipa!! Pitroipa!!!!!!

What a player! I hope the Burkinabe appeal that second yellow, the guy was tripped! Nxa, the ref nearly spoiled a beautiful spectacle.

That ref was on a mission, him and Daniel deserve to be banned from refereeing at professional level, Pitroipa was just in front of him! BF can run at 360km/h for the whole of 120 minutes, so far they are the fittest team in the tournament

True those guys are fit. Remember on sunday their game against Togo also went to extra-time but yesterday they were still full of running, it's only that Koffi who suffered what looked like cramps. I admire their never-say-die attitude, even with those questionable decisions, they continued to push for a winner.

The Burkinabe must win and spare us the inevitable "Oga-oh, we told you so way back in 96" hullaballoo that will come from Abuja/Lagos

hahahahahaha at least if Nigeria win the trophy will stay in the country in Hillbrow

Hahahaha Risko, they will mos sell coke out of it.

hahahahahahahaha under the guise of celebration, they will distribute coke around the country if not continent hahahahahahaha talk of chancers

Hehehe, that's free coke for people like Soze and Wonder.

hahahahahahahahaha you are now skating on very thin ice my friend maybe its easy for you because you are a stone throw away from Hungry Lion

I wonder what criteria they use to select the refs for the AFCON? If only Bance can work more on his finishing then there is no going back for him. His positioning is out of this world.

It was almost like a repeat of AFCON 2012 where Zambia dumped Ghana out and went on to beat the favorites Ivory Coast , this time it will be Burkinabe killing Naija naira hahaha



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