Morning fellas and fellarettes, not to take attention from the other post, here we predict and provide reasons why the business-end games will turn out the way we say they will. Let me start:


Cape Verde Vs Ghana: Gallant fighting by the former has propelled them into the knockout stage, while Ghana struggled initially, but cruised eventually. Ghana are getting stronger, Cape Verde have reached their peak. Ghana to win by 2 goals.


Mali Vs South Africa: This is one fixture that's hard to call. The Malians are stronger, the South Africans are quicker. I see set-pieces being Mali's port-of-call, while South Africa will hope to benefit from Mali's defensive lapses. Tough call, might go to extra-time, with Mali edging it by an odd goal.


Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast: Many see this as a walk-in-the park for the Ivorians, who seem to have started playing as a unit and not individuals. Nigeria have struggled and needed two Moses penalties. I foresee a tight game that will depend on a virtually last-minute goal by...Victor Moses. Nigeria edge their more glamorous opponents.


Burkina Faso Vs Togo: Another thriller on the cards! Burkina Faso look stronger (slightly so) but with Traore probably out of it, Togo would get a better bet, with Adebayor playing an increasingly important role. Togo should win by an odd goal, possibly after extra time.


What are your thoughts?

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Burkinano Faso are going to surprise many!!

I hope so, they are my team! But Traore was their brightest spark, though Pitroipa still poses a big threat.

If Gordon wants to beat Mali, he will implement these scientific steps:

1. When Keita has the ball in his own half, shadow marking may be implemented. But in SA's half, assign a man-marker at all times.

2. Mali play poorly coming straight. Guard the wings and force them to play long balls.

3. Play your corners and set-pieces intelligently and low. Mali are prone to mistakes in their defence, and strikers can then capitalise.

That is why you need KG and Serero in the line up!!!

Very true. KG knows the physical game all too well, and Serero is needed to unlock the staind Malian defence.

Cape verde vs Ghana

I believe Verde will pull off a Zambia here and the underdog tag will work in their favor. Ghana has got great individuals but the resiliance of Verde will see them through.

Mali vs South Africa

This will be one tricky encounter with Mali who will try to impose their physical presence on their smaller counterparts. Mali are tactically disciplined but they will be facing a determined Bafana who now have the unpredictable Sangweni scoring for fun. If Bafana are to win this one they might have to provide more width and make their wings effective. Bafana to win this one.

Nigeria vs Ivory Coast

A final before the final, this will be a game no one would want to miss.This is the only chance for some of the Elephants big dawgs to kiss that coveted trophy and they will give it their all. Nigeria will be trying to revive their big team status at the expense of the Coastal team. Moses or Yaya will be the difference and whoever comes to party will take it but my gut feeling tells me that the Ivorians will be victorious.

Burkina Faso vs Togo

Bance the giant will bag a brace to send Togo to the much talked about drawing board. Adebayor will be less than convincing like always and if Togo are to try and win this one then Wome is the man for them but I tip Burkinabe to be the victors on the day.

Ola Risko. I hope you are right with Cape Verde, my comments reserved. I really don't think Sangweni will trouble the Malians at all. I agree on Nigeria and Ivory Coast, a super player will help his team win it. Bance has not been playing well at all, so him coming to the party now would be quite a surprise.

We will have to wait and see on this one. I believe now Sangweni has the confidence to bomb forward and he will be helped by the fact that Mali don't play a high tempo game. If Furman and KG start he will be a thorn.

Bance has not been playing that well I agree but this will be the game he will justify ever making it to  the plane and not even my wildest imagination can make me see Togo winning this one

Risko, you can't take too many risks against a well-structured team like Mali. You need to play effectively because I believe they will push Bafana all the way towards extra-time, and that's when their game will begin.


As for Togo, if they play like they did against Benett and Tunisia, they will win.

I hear you on that one and Mali have proved to be the Supersport of the tournament, with Killer not at his best I don't see either Major or Rantie really troubling those CB's that is why  Sangweni and KG will come in handy.

Set pisces might be the difference.

I agree on setpieces. That said, the earlier SA scores the better. If the game fizzles out to extra time, I will call that the Mali time.

Bafana WILL win against Mali, especially if Gordon has read Mali well. though they have superior playing personnel, they seriously fall short when it comes to pace in almost all departments. what they do well is that they are tectically superior to most teams and seems like they can move fast purely based on the decision making of the man with the ball, most of the times Keita. but in reality, they ar every slow and Gordon needs to start with mobile strikers in Rantie and Majoro to get an early goal, play May, Serero and Furman from the start because they are also highly mobile, keep Parker in the position he played in the past 2 games, but bring in Matlaba in the place of Masilela, then we will be in the semis.


My Line up

1. Khune

2. Gaxa

3. Matlaba

4. Sangweni

5. Khumalo

6. Furman

7. Mahlangu

8. Parker

9. Majoro

10. Serero

11. Rantie



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