This coming Sutarday will see Downs walloping Celtic to walk away with the TKO Cup. this will mean Mamelodi Sundowns will have a better season than either Chiefs or Pirates because of the 2 will not win a cup this season. so we may be fighting relegation or playing for teh top 8, but come end of teh season when we look at the cabinet, Downs will have a shinny one and one between Chiefs and Pirates will have a dust filled cabinet.




Ka Bo yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just bought my tickets for the final. I am only going there to laugh at the losers.

Ole and Kali will not like that Emperor, yes they will lose teh final but to call them losers is taking it a step further and rubbing salt to their wound!!

Hehehe Wonder take emergency kit with u to the stadium. I foresee you fainting after the game!!

Since 2008, Wonder's fainting would be justified......only because when Sundowns wins silver, he becomes too emotional and most the time he cries, the last time he cried was in 2008.

I cant wait to see Teko crying....I mean every one is saying Sundowns has won the cup already before they kick the ball. Those who think Celtic will be a walk over must wait till saturday then they can talk.

We have to review this post.

They are gone all those who were making noise, you won't find them hahahahahahahaha Wonder is currently with a specialist as we speak hahahaha

Eish! We have had to sedate some of the more emotional ones; the rest are walking around like zombies after a nuclear explosion - even news about Neeskens' sacking drew blank stares!

This post is officially closed!!!!!!!!!!!!



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