Gooood Morning South Africa.

Like it or not, Bafana Bafana is representing us as South Africans therefore I am proud to say I will be frustrated with them and be happy with them, I am still behind the team and believe they still can do it for the country.

Prediction for tonight is we will win 2-0 and Mphela will score.

Starting 11


Anele Sangweni Khumalo Matlaba

Phala Dean Yeye Lerato

Mphela Parker

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Lerato is injured... research people, research!


Is the 2 strikers thingy really working? I think its too old fashioned!

If I were Gordon I would go with a championship formation! 4-3-3



                 Gaxa Anele Sangweni Masilela

                         Yeye Furman Matlaba(Work horse of note, why not?)

                      Serero Mphela Parker (Still anothe rwork horse)


There you have it...

Well sorry Lucky, i saw him training with the team on blitz yesterday. Like you say research, Serero said to GI he is only good for 20-30 minutes then his legs give in, so starting with him is not likely.

4-3-3 couldn't be done properly in 1 and couple of games season by Sundowns, you think he can do it in few training sessions? 

Sure mfana... I think 4-4-2 leaves him with no option for a plan B. I mean in my 4-3-3 when Serero's legs starts to give in I can replace him with Phala or Shabba and resort back to a 4-4-2 as a plan B. Gordon needs to be busy on the bench, he needs to do serious analysis of his players and get the best out of them. Thats why he is hired anyway...

Shaaaaapa Angola! Sorry guys.

Hehehehe... Kali, say things you really mean... You know deep down your heart is with Bafana...

hehehehe does Angola have more horses than South Africa?

Hehehe Lucky you caught me out, I'd like Bafana to win, really would.

"In days like this one cant help but miss Wilson Raj Perumal of the Football 4U fame"- MAMINZELA for KO.



Heheheehehhehe Maminzela uyagula wena Wonder......

Hehehhehehehheehehhehe, the guy is desparate baba, i feel his frustration!!!

Hehehehe, with Perumal, Bafana would have easily gotten 2 dubious penalties. Nxa, FIFA ya phapha

1 - 0 for Bafana - Mphela to Score

Khune (Captain)

Anele Sangweni Ntethe Matlaba

Furman Yeye (Face of Africa) Manyisa Serero

Mphela Parker


Touch let's Go - - - siyabanghena.



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