I just read that Jomo has honoured Teko with a signed Number 10 jersey. This  really means a lot coming from bra J. who recently lambasted being compared to Jali and Manyisa. I you teko haters can now enjoy the sweet humble pie. All the best Navigator, KBY.

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sit down. loser

you sound desperate to say something funny about me wena Quasy, you are actually exposing yourself, education can do you wonders!!

Delayed Live hahahaha

Hehehehehe you got knocked the ufck out.

not suprised by you 2 cheer leaders, where is Mphora, the captain?

mxim you are a sore loser wena, you were fighting Samora now you include me, Stonza grow up

they were calling Teko by names , who is old now haters?

Teko deserves it. Even his haters can attest to his incredible form lately.

If it was Roger "The General" Feutumba it was gonna be a big deal for me...Jomo never played for Sundowns and I see no relation in the J10,Sundowns,Teko and Jomo really now


Call me a hater but this is a depserate public stunt....I just dnt get the connection here


public stunt by who?

The relation is see is that, for Jomo, Teko is the only player who is worth wearing the J10, in PSL. That is how i view it!!

What is no.10 all about? i mean really now? even Yende is wearing that ko Chiefs...10 is overrated its just a number...

Ntokzin....mina I dnt get it..Jomo and Sundowns affairs...its like Dr Khumalo doing that on Jali, it just doesnt add up



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