Good morning friends, I would like us to put emotions aside and discuss facts and reality. It's not about what is right or wrong but what is really happening out there.

Fact of the matter is that South Africa is slowly but surely pricing itself out of the market. It is becoming more and more expensive to run operations or invest in South Africa. The main culprit to this rise in cost is Human Resources Cost and this pushes investors out of the country. We are competing with countries that have less wage costs and less labour unrest, safe fate that happened in America is awaiting us, not unless something is done to avoid this.

Fact is South African labour is highly unskilled and this is working against us, in the market. We can never run away from the fact that South Africa is part of the Global Economy and whatever happens in the next country does affect us. Investors want as much profit as possible, this is not necessary right or fair but it is a fact.  These Investors find it very profitable to invest in China because of cheap labour and high productivity.

Now where does this leave South Africa, as we are really being eliminated as a competitor by other countries? How do we keep investor glued in our country with their Capital?

I have two solutions, but maybe you have more. I say we either reduce our wage costs or increase our Productivity.

Lets talk

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This idea is not even theirs and without aplan, then its as good as useless. it's a liberal idea that was pushed by DA.

hahahaha ja nheee thanks Wonder...eish!!

“We have to accept that the traditional way of mining in SA, with its reliance on cheap and low-skilled labour, is over. You better get used to it. It is not sustainable,” Gold Fields chairwoman Mamphela Ramphele said on Wednesday at a Mining Indaba in Cape Town.


At the risk of being told not to believe the source; follow below link for more:


Chiefs had a cheap labour mentality (signing out of-favour-out of contract players and buy one get 20 free from Zim) for years and the results were the for everyone to see. The team could not win anything and as a result there were supporters unrest, hooliganism, etc.


The days of cheap labour are over and "marikana" is testimony. Our government must come up with a mechanism to address cheap labour and avoid labour unrests.




I heard on SAFM yesterday that companies now will push for bring in machines into production to curb the rising labor cost.

Amen Thabang



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