Good morning friends, I would like us to put emotions aside and discuss facts and reality. It's not about what is right or wrong but what is really happening out there.

Fact of the matter is that South Africa is slowly but surely pricing itself out of the market. It is becoming more and more expensive to run operations or invest in South Africa. The main culprit to this rise in cost is Human Resources Cost and this pushes investors out of the country. We are competing with countries that have less wage costs and less labour unrest, safe fate that happened in America is awaiting us, not unless something is done to avoid this.

Fact is South African labour is highly unskilled and this is working against us, in the market. We can never run away from the fact that South Africa is part of the Global Economy and whatever happens in the next country does affect us. Investors want as much profit as possible, this is not necessary right or fair but it is a fact.  These Investors find it very profitable to invest in China because of cheap labour and high productivity.

Now where does this leave South Africa, as we are really being eliminated as a competitor by other countries? How do we keep investor glued in our country with their Capital?

I have two solutions, but maybe you have more. I say we either reduce our wage costs or increase our Productivity.

Lets talk

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Education is key for the for the following reason:

In the world today the biggest market is the market for skills (finance, engineering etc). I can assure you there are ton loads of jobs in finance for example in South Africa but there are no takers because the people with the required skills are not there. Already in South Africa there are a lot of skilled Zimbabwean nationals who occupy key positions for example in banking. They have the skills and how do I know that? I have had opportunities to sit on interview panels where candidates have been tested (not oral questions) say on proficiency in the use of Excel and some of these people have excelled.

Eish you educated bunch, I think I need to enroll with ABET.

hai mee to mnaka, with Kali throwing Big English I'm sorry I have to enrol too

Funny you guys raise the lack of education in the current leadership.

Do you remember that up until the late 50's, ANC was only for the educated middle class at the time? You had to have some sort of an academic qualification to be in the leadership of that party. that's why it was so difficult to choose the top 6 back then because the party had myriads of great leaders. i can imagine how it would be when they were debating issues.


Anyway, I agree that lack of education from the leadership is a contributor to the economic problems we are having. However, having educated leaders is no guarantee that all economic problems would be solved, as corruption has a tendency to show it's ugly head everywhere.

come to think about it, the current NEC of the ANC has the learned and the intellectuals.

hehehe and you can see the ruslts by the resulution to make education and an essential service

what do you think of that Stonza?

I thought someone was gonna bring that up for debate. Twana if you could rememebr in previous post where I have been crying why doesn't our government take it serious when schools are affected by service delivery protest. Why don't our ANCYL make noise when things affect education but they are busy fighting battles that are supposed to be fought by the senior body?

All i am saying is, I love it and it was looong overdue, but till it is made law, then i will know it's something serious.

Another angle on that educationto be made an essential service, its an open secret that teachers earn peanuts, when eduation is classified as essential service doen't that take away a bargaining power of teachers when it comes to salaries and condition of services?

That's the government right there. They want to make it almost illegal for teachers to go on strike. Most of us don't realise that.

That's a premature celebration Stonza, this is not even worth the 5 minutes spent on discussing it, you know? because the ANC say this will not be legislated. how can it work if not legislated? as is, the biggest stakeholder in education, SATDU representing most o fthe teachers have said they do not want this idea and will not support it, COSAS have come out and supported SADTU on this one, so did the ANCYL and PYA as a whole, now how do you expect it to work? tha ANC is taking us for fools, if they want us to take them seriously, let them legislate it and make it Law like they do in health services or law enforcement agencies, otherwise this changes absolutely nothing. teachers can wake up tomorrow and decide to go on strike, nothing the ANC govt can do, absolutely nothing. kudlalwa ngatsi la!

I suppose it is a bigger issue than that, but I love the idea, as I said till they legislate it nothing really will change.



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