As the Super Eagles soared again, I couldn't help but feel pity for the Burkinabe Stallions and the gallant war-torn Malians.

But the big question will be: The Super Eagles have always claimed that our victory on home soil in 1996 only happenned because they were not here for political reasons. Now they have come and proved they can do it with a side their coach considered to be in the building phase which certainly doesn't even begin to compare with their great side of the nineties! So, were they correct in claiming they would have easily beaten our best Bafana side ever?

I am a patriotic South African, but we will never hear the end of this from our Nigerian brothers and i wonder if we let the opportunity to silence them pass us here at home or whether we even really tried with a side our coach thinks played very well...

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Looks like amidst the congrats the naija boys are getting there is some green eyed monster we all hate... Hehehehe! Congratulations but... Kwaaakwaaakwaaakwaaa! Umoona maan!

Hehehe, I noticed it too. Where there's a big "but(t)", jealousy follows like a bloodhound. I hear Wonder tried to commit eating 3 KFC barells. Hehehe, what a way to die!

Hehehehehe! 3 KFC barells? Kwaaakwaaakwaaa!


Eish seriously this is the topic you thought you should post early in the morning come on clown this is dust.

Hawu Chapo Bone... What is upsetting the short one now?

Ja, that is the long and short of it, old chap. Unfortunately even dust took longer to reach some vertically challenged people this time and I wonder why? Blame the LOC, heheheh!

Oh, by the way, you are the clown and 08h50 is not that early - most people can see the sun by then!



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