hehehehehehehe if you thought Roger, Habas, Hunt, Pitso were arrogant Neskeens takes the title!!

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Hehehehehehe making headlines for the wrong reasons now...I wonder what will happen should Celtic win the TKO..

Hahahaha, partly I do agree that sometimes journos like to act all intelligent, but he shouldn't let this bother him. Put them in their place gently and move on. Still funny though.

Was he expecting the journos to keep quiet when his team only won two games in the league??? Come on he is talkiing rubbish!!

I agree Ole, but have you heard Marks in particular interviewing a coach? If you were a coach you'd lose it! "Coach you said your team would improve but so far nothing like it", "Don't you think so-and-so would have done a better job?". That isn't being a journo, it's being a smart-ass, excuse my French.

But Kali the media doesnt have to be friendly they have got a job to do, Neskeens cannot expect to be treated with kids gloves!!!! If his team was doing well they wouldnt be asking him those questions and for the record Marks has played football he knows what he is talking about!!

But Guru, listen to how coaches are interviewed in England in particular, then come back home. Someone as clueless as Carol will ask something from the side of her pretty head, and you are supposed to come down to their level? No ways!

Er, KD, so Marks is a journalist now? Besides, The Undertaker's expletive wouldnt exactly be applicable to Marks, would it now?


I'm being intentionally generous with the label Doc, and I'm sure you have cringed many times when journos and/or "people like Marks" (for want of a better label) have posed questions to a supposedly knowledgeable coach. And Marks aside (who speaks as badly as he looks), I still think the ladies brought to SS are more to be seen than heard.

Hehehehehehe the old man is losing his cool.

He still stands by his words, the only time I'll resign is when at the end of the season I have not won a cup....!

Jeniffer was brave to post this since she has never kicked the ball.....this is what I want from the coach, stop being a softie all the time, now let some to the players and management...!

hehehe; shapa Napkins.

I'm a bit puzzled here - he says; "I said that if we do not win any trophy this season, then I will step down. It is still too early." Didn't he say he'll step down, if he doesn't win the Premiership?

come on thats the sign of weakness his feeling the pressure and heis now being defensive!!



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