The football gods can be cruel at times. They can grant you fleeting exhilaration and then leave you flabber-gasted as other, less deserving participants, proceed towards the podium. So it has been with the Ethiopians, after their 'resurgence' in their first AFCON appearance in decades came to nought...

They played beatifully and their beauties were unmatched in the stands, ask Mbombela and Rusty football star gazers who are still breathless even now.

Fare the well, good old Queens of Sheba, keep the torch of African unity shining

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Oh well, Ethiopia played good running football... I guess there's lots of positives to take from this tourney...

They sure can run... In a Marathon you don't blow your steam out in the first hurdle, you spare some for the finish. The Etiopians just ran and ran and when they got too tired the opponents unleashed their own steam... Wisdom Ethiopians, Wisdom maan!

I commend their patriotism. A lot of tuckshops were closed when they were playing, whileas some South Africans still wish BB lose because Kali, Themba and Mpho were not called up to the squad.

Hahahaahahhahaha! GI is unfair.

Am proud of them big time,they came here knowing that they are not world beaters,powerhouse and a team with huge reputation.

They supporters showed believe,love,respect and patriosm and the spirit to die for what you believe in mostly ur country,i said it even before they even kicked the ball that this nation is gonna change the face of african football after what i`ve experienced after the opening game,

even their better rivals in Somalia put those issues aside for few games!!!

Go well Ethiopians the Original Reggea boyz!!!

Well done Ethiopians, you haven't gone unnoticed and surely you can only improve from here on.

They fought to the best of their abilities, and showed us african beauty while they were at it.

They will be back.

One Fikru Tefera must be having a good lough where ever he is.

Just pity that the Ethopians couldn't make it past the group phase. For me, just like Algeria, they were playing good football and had huge support. One area they must work on is discipline or shall I say lack of it. They were getting too many yellow cards and 2 of their keepers were red-carded, in most cases it was totally unnecessary


Less vuvuzela's in the field. Gaan huis toe


Bye bye ladies... sekusela abothalala manje... hehehe




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