Is it me alone who is noticing the little coverage the SA media is giving AFCON 2013?? Why are the no previews for the other games except that of BB??? Yes BB should be given prefence but what about other teams?? Today is the big North and West Africa derbies but nothing is said about the games!!!! WHY???

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Ntate it gonna be a park and ride today??

i dont know nna im using my car!!

Who cares about this apartheid media. The football-loving people are having absolute FUN!

It is dissapointed there is not hype our media is letting us down!!!


Where is Sy, Nkareng, Kgomotso, BBK, Sello, Sbu and co?  then we are forever asked to rely on their reporting, the journos are told what to cover, nxx

Remember Neskeens told them to sit down.

They are jealous that there are no disasters by from the teams, you know how poor black people can handle themselves. 

Ole, the LOC are letting the media down badly as well! Neil Greig has been telling us some stories and send some pics - it's bad. The foreign media are now saying it's clear FIFA ran the World Cup...

Is the foreign media wrong Coops?hehehe
I think they are wrong, is it the same members of the LOC?

Yiza nazo wemfana kaCooper sizwe ukuthi nikhala ngani bomakhala njalo



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