Don't think its necessary to add to this clear massage, please help:

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Zapiro... he just couldn't be fresh, could he? I mean this is a well known exhausted joke, and Zapiro goes for it? Haai... *Shaking my head*

So you think Zapiro wants head and you wanna give him? hehehehehehhe ay this place ( or is it plays?) mara!!!!!!

Hehehe... Wonder today you are too explicit... Looks like you need some healing... As Marvin Gay call it... :)

Eish some clowns are suffering from a lack of something and they show it to everyone.

hehehe Shorty mbodlela, greetings clown


Hola Milky Clown.

Hey Shorty, howzit baba, long time no see? how did the goat milking go during festive ntwana? hehehehehe

managed to produce goat cheese clown, The El Chapo is rich now.

hehehehe you saying what?  we know you like stretching the truth my friend....goat cheese hehehehe meaning its been ages since you had some some...



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