Read about an accident over the weekend involving the bus of Polokwane City?

Tragic news.

Any update?

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Tragic in deed broer. The Grim Reaper in this province seem to have insatiable greed for our young talent. Our eyes are still wet from tears over Tommy now this, especially noting they have just relocated from Nelson Mandela Bay as Bay Utd.

Apparently four players or persons including the players passed away after P City formerly Bay Utd had played with FC AK at Turfloop University

Very sad!! 

Jerr. How sad indeed! Men of the cloth should congregate and pray over the lives of football people asap.

As if it will help with anything...


You 2 dont start...not on this post!

Very very sad!

Sad for SA football

May their souls rest in peace!!!

4 Players dead and others critically injured...that's very bad for the team from my province and SA as a hole!!!

You got me disorderly worried when you were not answering your phone mate. Thanks you were not involved...condolences to the families, friends and our football.

when did you try to phone me?



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