Ryan Coops,, as I understand this quote from Prez JZ, you got no choice but to apply for your ANC membership card my friend. Things seem to be going from bad to worse.


What do you guys make of this?

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Manje Niniza ungenaphi ke la? eish nawe Thabang sometimes..............hehehehehehehhehehehehe

kwakwakwa..kwikwikwi,  don't be confused like many, i don't support Zuma but the ANC.

hehehehehehe  we all know that corruption is very dangerous and it is because of the liberal media that even quotes things that were not said makes it unbearable to stomach some of the comments made here...people that were not even at the Gala Dinner seem to know more of what was said than people that were is astonishing how we, ordinary citizens believe whatever is printed by The Star, Sowetan, The Argus, New Voice etc. 


As i am leaving the office...I just want to say, believing eveything you read is dangerous.


Let us not be blinded by HATE...most hate the ANC and will use any means to discredit it.  Most of us know that our wives/girlfriends are the most beautiful women on earth cause we know their internal beauty. We were not told by newspapers that they are beautiful.

Hehehehehe, slow down my friend, emotions make you sound very low, down and out. I accept that not everything kickoff reports is true but I also do acceept that not everything kickoff writes with an intention to discredit.

We all love and have emotional attachment to the ANC, with or without Prez Msholozi, but like I said, let us be responsible parents and not defend our rapist children.

After the careless statement from Zuma now this...people agree with us, the statement was reckless and will always raise eyebrows

A R1.25 billion contract to supply electricity meters to the City of Johannesburg was manipulated to benefit Durban businessman Vivian Reddy, said to be a close friend of President Jacob Zuma, according to a report.

Hehehehehe, somebody is going to tell you that we should not believe this story because the source is racist and/or cannot be trusted because their intention is to discredit.

hehehehe I thought only Pirates fans who blindly defend the Colonel..ncncncncnc well i saw that comment twana.



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