Fellas, what do you think the news headlines will be on sunday and monday papers and news bulletins. Here is a few I am looking forward to:


"Bafana announces their return with emphatic win"

"Mphela gives Bafana a head-start"


Which headlines do you foresee?

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Nice one too. Sound like a headline that could come from Sbu Mseleku.

Islanders sent packing by Bafana!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahahahaha are you here with us? How can they be sent packing in their first game

Hehehehehheehhehehe, Daily Sun don't care about that baba.............hehehehehhehehehehhe

hahahahahahahahahahaha ok I get the angle now

iyhoooooooooo that a Diskioff headline

Hehehehehehehh Diskioff is tjatjarag, they will look for a negative angle amidst all the euphoria and post a this headline "FIFA launches probe to nyaope allegations for Bafana's 2 goal hero"..............hehehehhehe

And offcourse it will all be Khumalo's drunken inventions!!

hehehehehehe or "Was Mphela wearing a bra? FIFA rule 101 subsection 10 states that.... " hehehehehehe

Hehehhehehehehheeehhe, with Khumalo anything is possible. imagine this headline "S/hero seduces the net twice" with a large poster of Mphela celebrating his goals and a small caption picture of killer wearing a bra..........hehhehhehehe

Hahahahahaha, mara your imaginations mnaka, I quit!

Hahahahhahahahahahah Khosi, Khumalo is crazy baba, especially when drunk, nothing is impossible with that rastaboy!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahahahahaha *bhuu Phantsi yintsini* yagula Wonder, tltltltltltlt

This is why I joined this site...hahahahha



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