You saw it FIRST peeps... what you think of this jessi? hehehe

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Where did you get this Khumalo???? This is ugly..... I wonder if the sponsors would be happy to see their logo placed in a skewed position
hehehe Trevor i know people... be happy you the first to see it... this jessi is not nice at all.
Hey Prof, where did you get this???
what you think of the jessi baba?
Big Chiefs fan Mzukisi is shocked hehehe well?
It's a no no!
The Aniversary kit is great.
hehehehe yes the Aniversary kit... this one is the 2010/11 jessi that the team will use
The Anivisary kit is a pyjama... ugly.
Professor your wish won't be granted my bla. don't mislead the forum.
Rubza... looks like you dont like the new jessi
Yep, simply because it does not excist, and chiefs wear BLACK AND GOLD



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