You saw it FIRST peeps... what you think of this jessi? hehehe

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fucken ugly!
Proff did you design it or you have chinese guy designing this
For your information Kaizer Chiefs is going to use the same jersey that they have been wearing in 2009/2010, i think you are trying hard to design, Please go to school.
Prof Young Boys jersey not KC....
even if this kit was real I wouldn't be surprised coz Nike always use designers from China to design Chiefs' kit
r u sure Pro?
its a fake thats ugly
tjer that's the most hideous jersey in the whole psl....
Heee ehee what the hell is this for TP MAzembe lol
But Chiefs had anounce that there will be no new Jersey this season so am not sure hey
Another yellow jersey,what is the different cause to me is the same as ya last season and the previous previous previous x 40 seasons.



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