Knowledge Musona has not scored even one goal in one and half seasons in the Bundesliga. He is not even in the 18-man squad for his struggling bottom of the table team Augsburg.

I saw him come onto the field for 5 minutes sometime in November. Musona finished the leading scorer in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League at the end of the 2010-11 season, precipitating a R15-million move to Hoffenheim.

The only goal he has was in a Cup game. He has even been switched to the wing from his striking position. But why has he failed? I remember it took him a few months to settle at Chiefs before he started banging in the goals. Is it possible to see a January transfer move for him back to South Africa? I do not see Hoffenheim taking him back after this loan spell at Augsburg.

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Let's look at our current log standings and see who is overrated

hahahahahaha that is taking it too far man

Chiefs celebrating form again, see this is exactly what is affecting Musona. if you were telling us that you are the league champs, then we can talk but don't tell us you are on top of the log, that is form and not class, which in a way is what Biggie is trying to tell you.


For many season Chiefs has always been a form team but never class as the latter has a much more life span and result in teams being crowned Champs, while the former is short spells which can see a team winning a trophy every season.



please remind me when last you won even a plastic cup? My memory is not that good anymore hahahaha

Hehehehehehe even today no one will tell you how many cups Chiefs won! They say many but many has the exact number.

tell  them mnaka, these palookas should only talk once they win a championship cup. I mean, Celtic won TKO as well as Swallows won the MTN not because they are classy but they were on form. One team can boast here is Pirates, they have won the league and cups, how many again in 2 seasons? eish I forget...

Sundowns is class but out of form, they have won league championships, how many since the birth of PSL? let me fold my mouth before I am told about Neskeens and the log standings!!!

Gaga you are just twisting and turning without actually saying anything

Stonza you have actually just gave us the exact picture of what the word "palooka" means and picture resembles you.

How can you say Sundowns is a classy team when they themselves haven't won the championship in 5 season?

In those 5 seasons has reached more finals and won more cups than that "classy" sundowns?

The Emperor, you forgot to mention that Musona has also scored 7 international goals for Zimbabwe since he lelt Chiefs because in Zim they are playing him and he has not failed.

Last season he played as a late sub for Heffenheim and he did faily well and to me again, he did not fail last season for the team

Er, I wouldnt use Zim international games as any reference point given the fact that ZIFA itself reckons they are so dubious as to seek life bans for some of their star footballers.

I say failure is the opposite of success and the only objective way of judging a striker's success (or lack thereof) is by counting the number of goals, there is no two ways about it!

So Sundowns are a class team that has been off form for 5 seasons?

You could say that? heheheheheheehehehehehhe



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