The Telkom Cup has come and gone but not without its casualties though. Joel Mogorosi a man who many love to hate by now is by far the man of the tournament and also scored the goal of the tournament in my view. What many would consider half a goal or not even a goal has booked the plane ticket for, 'never kicked a ball' or phuza face if you like Neskeens on a one way ticket to Amsterdam. 

As Johan is checking in at the airport in comes the man who rates himself as the best on the land or who is famously known for his, 'show me a striker who is better than Mphela , huh if there is any out there huh show me and I will bring him hahahahahaha.

Trott and Makhanya better not start their shenanigans with Pitso as he has the CCMA on speed dial.

To the Marikana family, welcome to the learning curve

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Eish, to those who know sotho idioms, di hangwa di sa tlangwa mo Bloem because of that win hehehehehehe

Hehehe Mogorosi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moneeb is as sad as Neeskerns now that he is also watching soccer from the bench because of this man named Joel

he now goes to matches in his suit and Tab in hand because the best he knows he will do is warm up hahahahahaha

Hehehe the only thing Moneeb is happy with from this Mogorosi saga is that he won't play with Zebras, he knows how hard they kick. They kicked him 6 times in a matter of days last season



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