I hear people going on about modern football what is Modern Football??? It is important to understand how to define Modern Football so we can eventually agree on the key aspect of todays football. Those big brains who study the game for a living will tell you that the type of football that wins consistantly international competitions is referred as "Modern football" how true is it???

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Ted Dumutri & Farouk Khan are 2 of the guys that i know that they like to use this thing called *Modern Football*, am one of those who seriously wants to know this thing called *Modern Futubolo*....

Actually this topic was inspired by what i read from Ted's blog!!!

Sure, Ole, but the moment one coins a term, it implies that whoever it describes share certain characteristics. But, since winning is the end result of possesing a set of characteristics, can it really be used as a defining criteria of this modern football?

If you take Al Ahly, Man U, Barcelona and, say, Bayern Munich; can one say they share many (if any) characteristics beyond winning consistently? Winning consistently internationally, what is that? Does it mean only teams who practice this oxymoronic style can win consistently in international football?

I should think 'modern football', if such a thing exists, should have more defining characteristics than achievements. In fact, I think it should be possible to have a team playing that genre but not necessarily winning consistently because of other factors like player availability, transfers, refereeing errors, opponents' tactics (bus parking a la Mourinho), coaching changes,  financial muscle, etc 

Ted Dumitru yesterday on facebook said the same thing Ole, it makes no sense to me... Because only 1 team can win in a match or tournament so to say modern football is winning international competitions is incorrect.

Currently only Spain is constantly winning/doing well in all international competitions, they won Euro championships in 2008 & 2012, lost in semi finals of FIFA confed cup 2009 and won the world cup in 2010, so these big brains are in actual fact telling us that only Spain are playing this "modern football" and they are lying through their teeth.


Kali once made a post here about 1) Traditional Phase of football, 2) Modern Football, & 3) Post modern football and he was spot with all points he made, in simple terms he said "modern football can be narrowed down to total football" and I agree with him 100% and disagree with these old guys like Ted who try to sound intelligent by saying nothing

Exactly Mokete, you made me come out of hibernation young man hehehe! Modern football IS total football, where all elements in the field move in tandem, in attack and in defense. Of course modern football itself is not the same from one team to the next, but the underlying principle remains.

Monna people tasked with taking our football forward are stupid and are liars. Ted wants to be incharge or be one of the people leading the development here at home but he says meaningless things.

Not in so many words... he admits that Spain plays modern football then he says modern football is ONLY the ability to win major competitions. We all know Spain plays a mordified version of total football.

Hahaha, he's a liar. Spain have been playing modern football for sometime without winning. The Dutch play it and never win.

The "father" of modern football brought us zero points from the AFCON.

Ted didn't come up with modern football he is a scholar of modern football!!! @ Phelani any coach would have failed if given two weeks to prepare a national team!!!

Guys fact is football has changed over the years in the olden days they used half backs and in morden days we use lone strikers, attacking fullbacks, number 10's etc. Lets agree one thing football has been modernised hence the term "Modern Football"!! 

I know he didn`t invent it hence the inveted commas.

Does this style of play also constitutes to  modern football?


Khune-------> Parker------>Nkatha----->GOAL! hehehehehehe




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