Merry Christmas and Properous New year to TKOnians

Brothers and Sisters I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well during the festive season.

We may have had differences along the way and allowed emotions and frustrations to control us in heated arguements and seem to hate each other but thats all in the name of this beautiful game.

I believe no one hate anyone here but I "love" no one hehehehe.

Have a memorable holiday ladies and gents and to those who drive a lot please guys take care of yourselves SAn roads are like a jungle now(survival of the fittest) its either you are in accident or you are hijacked. Drinking and driving is a dangerous game fellas be worned.

Dont forget to ask your GODS to protect you because the Devil is on a hunting spree this time  of the year.

Stay away from shady tarvens full of thugs because you are easy targets unlike me.

See you next year guys, Love you all.




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Hehehe... How can you not hate and not love at the same time... Kwaaaa! You are shy to say it... Hehehe! We love you too...


On the real - Thanks man. Have a splendid Christmas as well. Don't over spend, Don't over indulge in booze (I know you Xhosas and booze...). In short, be warm and have a splendid season.

Hahahahahahahahaha "Xhosas and booze" Hehehehehe *dead*

Dankie Juju enjoy yours too.

Have a blessed xmas and may you prosper in the new year.

I hope when you come back you will be stronger and accept that second position is what Pirates can achieve come season end hahahahaha.

Don't do anything I would do. Blessed.

Happy Christmas everybody


lets see each other again next year!! Sta blessed

I am trying to think of something nice to say.

Pinky and The Brain... Choose one...

Hamba! Papania ndin...!

Merry christmas & a happy new year guys

Marry Xmas and a Healthy New Year

Oh, and spare a moment for Swahombe the non-believer who pitched up at work on Xmas day in protest, triggering the alarm and wrestling the armed response unit to the ground!

His baffled employer, who had to be pulled out of the church service to intervene was heard asking him over the phone:"But we have been closed since the 14th December, why now? Dont you have family to visit in Limpopo or somewhere?"



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