Mediocrity and complasancy: thats what I see in all of your topics. I might be new but I think you cowz betteer pull up your socks.

I expected something vibrant when I first joined here since kickoff magazine is the best but hell how wrong was I. All of your people are just plain mediocre with no football knowledge whatsoever. I think you better try topics like Rhino poaching, Julius Malema, Hiking, or maybe kwaaito music. It seems like I have my work cut out for me it terms of teaching all of you the ABC's of football.

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You  know people called it the first time that this is Mzukisi. Now i would be really worried that whenever people see hogwash topics like this, they immediately say it's my work. And it turns out that really it was Mzukisi, his trademark is to post dust like this!!

Hahahahaha cumon dude, I was sep up. Damn hackers.

hehehe Mzu, why do you call yourself ChickMagnet then have another account as GayMagnet? are you not sure where you belong like Kali and Mokete? I mean I know a friend called Gangsta who can help you!!!


Hay uyabona wena sani sundiqhela amawaza joe, kanti zkhiiphan ngawe. Ndakunqumla umqala boy

hehehehehe nokuba undilibele wena from KO forum, mfana wam I retired you, undibuze ku King

Heeee Size 13?

Chain gang?



All of the above were my daily bread. You must be one of them for sure.

hehehehe not at all tltltltlt one of my victims who retired TKO was All PSL Panties



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