Mediocrity and complasancy: thats what I see in all of your topics. I might be new but I think you cowz betteer pull up your socks.

I expected something vibrant when I first joined here since kickoff magazine is the best but hell how wrong was I. All of your people are just plain mediocre with no football knowledge whatsoever. I think you better try topics like Rhino poaching, Julius Malema, Hiking, or maybe kwaaito music. It seems like I have my work cut out for me it terms of teaching all of you the ABC's of football.

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Hehehehehehehehehehe you forgot your flight schedule while busy in Hillbrow with de parisesso. I mean all other Togolese fans left long time ago when their team lost in the quarter final. You can stick around though SAn prostitutes are beautiful my friend especially when you not used to such beauty.

Mhhhhhh what a lunch I just had.


While on this subject, I'm also gona teach you how to balance your diet. You sound like fat people but no stress, I'm gona help u with that

Hehehe, looks like there was a boxing match here- g-strings, false teeth and KFC wrappers all over the place! What happened?

A new soccer guru is here to teach us about football and unfortunately Mockete got few uppercuts from this weakling that can't even spell better 

yaaawn,,,,,,are u gonna teach us yo ABC's or what?

I'm here to educate your weak minds. Yes! you can thank me later, not that I need anything from u

then teach....wat seems to be stopping you..go ahead reeditse

Hehehehehehehehehe *let me get my popcorns and front seat for me*

I am the best when it comes to football knowledge and u all know it. My name testifies.

When is your first football lesson post Mrs know it all? cant wait to read it. oh wait, we need the next level of football knowledge not your silly ABC's. And when did you dream about this place lacking football knowledge? I bet that $100 under my mattress that you are one of the old member who had hibernated because of reasons only known to him


Hehehehehehheeeh, wena Gaymagnet, bowuthi wenzani son?



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