Kanti what was his manadate, because I hear that "he thought he can make certain appointments that are made by the Exco and yena didnt agree with that...are terms of employment not written in his contract...seemingly there is no clear Job Specifications and Descriptions as to what the CEO of the PSL does...!!!

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Are you an adult wena...???
With Ivirn (Gaddaffi) Khoza  there I expected it to happen!!!!
hehehe Dr Bum and Nkanyim "come from far"
nkanyim you went to school with Niniza, Wonder knows Niniza.... obviously if he reckons that you are still a kid, then you must be, not unless you were one of the boys with smelly armpits seating at the back of the class and bullying Niniza to do your homework and eating kids' lunch...tltltltltl ...
Stokie...Wonder knows Ninii so what, that will never change the FACT that Wonder is the dumbest human being to have ever lived in this world together with you, Ninii was and still is the cleverest, it doesnt rub off, whether you know her or not, she uses her brains, you should have used your youngmen while you still had one, but now its too late, the only thing left in your heads its water...!!!
Nkanyamba, are you aware that you are a retard?  kwakwakwkwa...kwikwikwikwikwi

Soze...I promise you mfanaka, by the end of this year you will be able to write at least one sentence that makes sense, I will ake sure that by December you develop at least one brain cell...!!!

kwakwa..kwikwi, you are a laughing stock of TKO, kwakwa..kwikwi


just bear in mind, by that time, i would stabbed you freak, uhambe uyogeza futhi, unuka indunu yayizolo, nxx

"kwakwa..kwikwi"...thats too gayish, please stop it...!!!
kwakwakwa...kwikwikwi,  is the bald headed freak mining or you are mining her? you even know about gayish tendencies, are you one of them?  kwakwa..kwikwikwi
Soze...I see that the damage is very huge in your head, however it only take me one week to solve it, you are nothing, nothing, I mean nothing...!!!
kwakwa..kwikwikwi,  who cares if i'm something, go wash yourself freak, uyanuka,  kwakwakwa...kwikwikwi



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