LOC and CAF dont take peoples lives serious, do they want stampede to start taking lives serious, how can you open one gate in the game of Ethopia/ Nigeria calibre????? What happened yesterday was a shame and scary i saw people fainting and the organisers where nowhere to be seen!!!! For once big up to SAPS who rescued those people!!

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Just as it happened with the world cup when FIFA took over everything CAF have done the same. Anyways I don't understand the thinking that seems to suggest that CAF are not to blame. It's their tournament they're the organizers so anything that goes wrong they must shoulder the blame. Even if it's clear that the fault lies with a security company the accountability lies with CAF and that can't be deligated.
Big-up to CAF & LOC.....all gates were opened last night

Are you by any means in the protection industry (security guard)?



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