LOC and CAF dont take peoples lives serious, do they want stampede to start taking lives serious, how can you open one gate in the game of Ethopia/ Nigeria calibre????? What happened yesterday was a shame and scary i saw people fainting and the organisers where nowhere to be seen!!!! For once big up to SAPS who rescued those people!!

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I didn't see the incident... But then it sounds like someone decided to be smart and open only one gate which is too dangerous... Haai...


Anyway, Vicotr Moses was amazing last night. You thought Okocha was a star? Wait till you watch Moses... :)

What was LOC and CAF supposed to do Ole? Isn't this an operational issue which is supposed to be handled by the security company and stadium management?

Good question...

Security said they were instructed to open 1 gate...worse, none of CAF people came to that gate. SAPS took decision by themselves. If they are not to be blamed, why open 1 gate?

No Trevor the LOC and CAF took over the stadium they are in charge of securities the stadium management has nothing to do with this tournament!!

Ag man cant mention Austin Jay Jay Okocha and Victor Moses in the same line....thats more like comparing Gerald Sibeko to Ace Khuse.

Hehehe... I'm just trying to hype up the player man... :)

But there's no denying he is good...



I was @ that gate Ole...was sad to see young kids crying. Big-up to SAPS, they saved lives

This can make a good film...


So to you Kunda...this is a joke. Some people, mxm....

Hehehe... Come on Fred - Nobody died...



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