London – Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard believes football fans are “stuck in a time of intolerance” and has spoken of the need for a “gay hero” in the sport.

Lindegaard, whose side take on West Ham at Old Trafford on Wednesday, wrote on his blog: “As a footballer I think that a homosexual colleague is afraid of the reception he could get from the fans. My impression is that players would not have a problem accepting a homosexual.

“Homosexuality in football is a taboo subject. The atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands is tough.

“The mechanisms are primitive and it is often expressed through a classic stereotype that a real man should be brave, strong and aggressive. And it is not the image that a football fan associates with a gay person. The problem is that a lot of fans are stuck in a time of intolerance. While the rest of the world has been more liberal, civilised and less prejudiced, the world of football remains stuck in the past.

“Homosexuals are in need of a hero. They are in need of someone who dares to stand up for their sexuality.” – Daily Mail




What is your view?

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That is his opinion, maybe he should test the waters for others to follow suit. He is a big name player himself.

Do you think he's telling us something about himself here?

He wants to come out but he wants to check the reaction of th people first before commitin but eish I then remember Lahm's book where he said footballers are not yet ready to accept gays and he was heavily criticised 

I think we have seen players of this generation like Kaizer Jnr but i would like to see more players coming forward..i think there are gay soccer players but they may be scared to come out.....

But what is the significance of coming out? What is important: their footballing ability or their sexual preferences?

Like he said they want their heroes too....

I for one think Messi should come out. He's not doing anyone service by acting straight and even claiming someone's kid as his own. Hehehe *waits for Wonder to cry*


Hehehe, you're selling me out to the liberally-bottomed gentleman.

Two questions:

1. Why does this Anders Lindegaard want to come out?

2. What purpose will it serve if a soccer player tells the world that he is gay?

1. so that the whole world should know that, as a balls keeper, he's aiming to keep all available balls on the field. hehehehe

2. Preferencial treatment, ladies first and all that

Locally of course there's Josta Dladla....



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