Granted the committee in the subject line may be to blame for the selected method of ticketing that has led to many concerns and fears that stadiums may be empty,but,let's keep calm,breath and think.

One needs to remember that this tournament was literally thrown at our face,the LOC had to make do with little time and no budget.Infact,credit should be given to the LOC for speeding up the marketing at short-notice after the government came into the party post Mangaung. There is obviously room for improvement,but under the circumstances,let's use our heads before murdering the Mvuzo Mbebe led committee.

My main point of blame lies with CAF. They are not driving their own tournament. Thay are not even showing face.Their sponsors are the ones who are supposed to do the marketing drive, this does not only lie with the LOC. Do we even know whom from CAF is tasked with overseeing the success of the tournament?During and before the 2010 WC, FIFA and its sponsors were literally hands on,hence the unchallenged success. CAF just throws you with a burden and expects you to swim without giving you the resources.

Further to the above,the hosting of this tournament every 2 years hasn't done any justice in creating hunger from players.I mean,even a 25 year old Ayew has appeared in 4 tournaments arleady,here there's always a next time,no need to show any hunger.

In conclusion,I'd like to take my hat off to the LOC for their efforts,its a pity our national team will live-up to expectations. As for CAF and its Issa Hayatou,they may go jump and swim in the nearest pothole!

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Well said "the rose of TKO"

Hehehe "ROSE"????

Why are South Africans expected to attend all the matches? What about all the foreigners? Why are they not buying tickets to watch their own countries? Every match that features Nigeria should be sold out by now. We have so many of them living here anyway.

Did CAF approach SAFA to take over or SAFA asked CAF to take over from Libya? only then i will think about not blaming them.

I was also of the idea that SAFA approached CAF, hehehehehe

should not matter since the principle in this regard is CAF...this tournament is controlled and should be marketed by CAF with the assistance of the LOC, not the other way around...I want the Duke to take over from this Issa dude so that they can see how an organisation gets run...CAF will make billions...

Worse people don't die quickly, The Iron Duke can only take over CAF when Issa departs from our planet. That will be in over 20 years

then lets hire our own resident soldier, The Dark kNight, to go shed some dark blood hehehehehe

Hehehe do you have a stallion you can use to pay the Dark Knight with?

that should not be a problem, i will call on a favour from Guru...heheheheh

Maestro, SAFA approached CAF knowing very well ukuthi CAF only give out money to the hosting nation after the tournament. It's not me baba, it's CAF regulations, you can check it on the CAF website.


I wanted to blame CAF but i did my research and i was stunned at what i saw.

but we are not talking about the spoils of war instead we are talking about can you make money if your tourney is not well marketed?



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