Granted the committee in the subject line may be to blame for the selected method of ticketing that has led to many concerns and fears that stadiums may be empty,but,let's keep calm,breath and think.

One needs to remember that this tournament was literally thrown at our face,the LOC had to make do with little time and no budget.Infact,credit should be given to the LOC for speeding up the marketing at short-notice after the government came into the party post Mangaung. There is obviously room for improvement,but under the circumstances,let's use our heads before murdering the Mvuzo Mbebe led committee.

My main point of blame lies with CAF. They are not driving their own tournament. Thay are not even showing face.Their sponsors are the ones who are supposed to do the marketing drive, this does not only lie with the LOC. Do we even know whom from CAF is tasked with overseeing the success of the tournament?During and before the 2010 WC, FIFA and its sponsors were literally hands on,hence the unchallenged success. CAF just throws you with a burden and expects you to swim without giving you the resources.

Further to the above,the hosting of this tournament every 2 years hasn't done any justice in creating hunger from players.I mean,even a 25 year old Ayew has appeared in 4 tournaments arleady,here there's always a next time,no need to show any hunger.

In conclusion,I'd like to take my hat off to the LOC for their efforts,its a pity our national team will live-up to expectations. As for CAF and its Issa Hayatou,they may go jump and swim in the nearest pothole!

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kwakwakwa...kwiwikwikwi      I'm also talking about marketing, the sponsors will do their own thing to market (Samsug has created their own fan park) themselves, as well as the host nation, not that CAF will do something for them.

then my friend its a problem because the product AFCON belongs to CAF and they should be stewards and ensure its success...around Gauteng, the AFCON has been marketed by the Gauteng Provincial Government and not the LOC...that is why the AFCON is not in the same league as even the PSL....

exactly. CAF is something else.

Well said Maestro, CAF current leadership is sh!t!


Uyagula wena ke manje!!! This tournament was never "literally thrown at our face" - SAFA asked to host cos of Libya (war)... Nigeria was a standby country to host this event. SAFA & LOC are to blame for this gobbledygook! We were going to host the 2015 Afcon! SAFA elections are coming ka August/September this year if I'm not wrong... this was never about helping Libya and changing hosting dates... this was about people pocketing money before some get removed... 

nje, yingakho i blame SAFA, nxx

Hehehe since you stop smoking your head is even more crazy... just smoke boy. 

kwakwakwa..kwikwikwi tsek, nxx

I would like to quote our own dokotela.... No need to dilute what he said....

Lets not forget that this is a CAF tournament and it is CAF's primary responsibility to market this tournament, yes SAFA is also to blame for bailing out Libya!!

Ok guys, I see some people are looking for somebody to blame. Let's see...who's SAFA in relation to CAF and who's CAF in relation to SAFA. Isnt SAFA part of CAF? Isnt SAFA accountable to CAF in respect of this AFCON.


Is SAFA hosting AFCON or is AFCON hosted by CAF in South Africa?



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