I have noticed that this guys has a very good eye for good coaches. maybe with the exception of da silva & Ernest but in most cases the coaches that he hires always bring smile to iziwengu zechiefs. I remember when Mushin came in and lost 4-1 to Hellenic in what we regarded as our Cup (Rothmans CUP)... Yho
When VV was appointed BBK dedicated a full page lambasting and belittling the unkown Serb... Chiefs were a laughing stock. Some even refer to our coach as Wladimir the wrestler.
One fellow online chatter even referred to the guy as nothing but a carpenter...( but then Jesus was a carpenter and some didnt believe in him). Now people are so filled with humble pies that VV is dishing, its not even funny.

# South Africa Kaizer Motaung (1970), (1972–73), (1976–78) [2]
# Orlando Casares (1981–84)
# Joe Frickleton (1984–86)
# Romania Ted Dumitru (1986–87), (2003–05)
# Jeff Butler (1988–89), (1991–92)
# France Philippe Troussier (1994)
# Walter Da Silva (1994)
# Paul Dolezar (1997–99)
# Turkey Muhsin Ertuğral (1999-03), (2007–09)
# Germany Ernst Middendorp (2005–07)
# VV (Serbia(2009 -2009)
Most of the coaches he has brought into the country has actually brought in a lot of positives to our game...

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Orlando Casares was a flop and Chincha said that himself. hehehehe he was hired Wiseman Mbali and Geoff Hudson who brought nothing to Chiefs. The best imports he brought to Chiefs were Ted Dimutru(SA finest coach ever) and Jeff"fake CV" Butler. Troussier was a way ahead of SA football.
mushin was good for chiefs
Miderndraws was really a flop and destroyed our late Scara..
Well Ole Orlando I dont even know the dude coz of my age . You will notice I said most of the coaches.

Dolezar did his part and wena u should appreciate more he deliverd Celtic's first trophy after like yhoo so many year.
Muhsin baba was a marvel, great technician and He made chiefs money. and most PSL teams would hire him anytime.
Jeff Madala. Ey I remmeber dis guy beating sundowns by two goal.
Da silva I remmeber him for his brazillian boys , Bubble gum ,and 4-1 drubbing by pierats.
Witch docter what can I say...
Paul Dolezar hehehehehehe
Sizwe is the the criminal
U forgot Eddie Lewis
Most of the coaches youmentioned only succeded at Chiefs except Ted.
Dats not true
Ted @ Sadunusa,
Muhsin @ Ajax
Dolezar @ Dunudunu & Celtics
When last did chiefs win the league?
They last won during Ted's tenure...
Correction :They last won it during Ted's tenure...
We have achieved a lot besides the league. so dont be little our success just because we havent won the league... but thulu bheke we are winning it this year.



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