I have noticed that this guys has a very good eye for good coaches. maybe with the exception of da silva & Ernest but in most cases the coaches that he hires always bring smile to iziwengu zechiefs. I remember when Mushin came in and lost 4-1 to Hellenic in what we regarded as our Cup (Rothmans CUP)... Yho
When VV was appointed BBK dedicated a full page lambasting and belittling the unkown Serb... Chiefs were a laughing stock. Some even refer to our coach as Wladimir the wrestler.
One fellow online chatter even referred to the guy as nothing but a carpenter...( but then Jesus was a carpenter and some didnt believe in him). Now people are so filled with humble pies that VV is dishing, its not even funny.

# South Africa Kaizer Motaung (1970), (1972–73), (1976–78) [2]
# Orlando Casares (1981–84)
# Joe Frickleton (1984–86)
# Romania Ted Dumitru (1986–87), (2003–05)
# Jeff Butler (1988–89), (1991–92)
# France Philippe Troussier (1994)
# Walter Da Silva (1994)
# Paul Dolezar (1997–99)
# Turkey Muhsin Ertuğral (1999-03), (2007–09)
# Germany Ernst Middendorp (2005–07)
# VV (Serbia(2009 -2009)
Most of the coaches he has brought into the country has actually brought in a lot of positives to our game...

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true Zuks, every coach brought the own "success" at Naturena...Ole is right that Ted is the most successful at Chiefs in terms of league glory...but is that what we only look at?
No boubt league wise Ted did well locally but Mushin dominated the continent and went on to represent Africa in the Clubs world cup in China, in what i see as putting the brand on the map and Mushin had exciting players playing exciting football while Ted had expirienced dicsplined bunch of players.
Dont say that to TKO members because they will be against you as most of them they hate Chiefs.
hehehehehehe Tim you are such a hypocrite you only comment on topics that praise Chiefs!!!! Ja neh you are an enemy to football.
I think Xoli should define what he means by great coaches.
For instance, why all those KC coaches never made a mark on continental football, reserving their 'success' for the NSL/PSL cup games?
One could also look accross at, say Downs and see the achievements of the men who have occuppied that musical chair. By comparison, the likes of Westerhof, Fabisch, Cappa, Stoichkov, etc are household names in Africa and beyond, though their local 'successes' might be limited. Hence my query; what is a great coach?
Yho Falaza Your question becomes very broad in the context you are askindg in.. For example Take Batinez he did well @ Liverpool with his Euro success but failed to change their fortunes around.
So your question becomes a bit tricky if we look at success at that level , i.e you'll find that most of the guyswho are were successfull in africa were regular participants in african Champs etc where as those in SA are not really learned in that part.

I d say great coaches are those who are able to handle a pressure cooker while boiling and be able to deliver ... The list you have mentioned can be excused from sort of failure coz I think they were set for failure when they started their jobs...
Great coaches are those who are able to deliver success and their mandate under any circumstances.Great minds in football, guys who make you believe in what they are doing. they inspire confidence in those around them.
Muhsin Ertuğral and VV have complete opposite characters...But they all have one common understanding "The boss' son should stick to modeling" but I disagree with them on that one
Ernest Middledrop i totally disagree baba just go back the memory lane and remember how chiefs was pathetic during his era baba.
and what about Papikie though he lasted lonly five game,....
What do you disagree with?
Xoli be honest ntwana even Doc did made a good job than Mazinyo....remember Nzama playing as a play maker?
We Dats a lie mate .Mazinyo won a cup and finished number 3 on the log.
I hated him with passion but the reality is he did his part and i have said is in the same level is the late Da silva.
Muhsin Ertugral was so far the most succesful KC coach and the mortivator to me, and VV is following his footsteps!



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